Status screen for remote teams

Track availability, progress, and latest updates

We help remote teams stay up-to-date on important things within the company.


Fewer interruptions, the right amount of data

The best work gets done when people have long periods of uninterrupted time.

Improve your team dynamics with our Slack app. Team members can share availability, project status, and personal updates there. They can do that at their own time.
This reduces the need for check-ins and interruptions.

We keep this data for up to one month. Some metadata is still kept, so you'll be able to check trends and see history reports.

We put a person behind the avatar

Best teams know each other beyond their work responsibilities.

We provide a simple interface to keep up to date with personal events and hobbies.


$ £
  • Integrated with Slack
  • Team news screen
  • Project related updates screen
  • Personal events screen
£0.79€0.89$0.99 per member / month
(when paid annually)

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